Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

Bouldering on Åland

In September I was lucky enough to visit Åland, the magical island that’s right in the middle between two of the best countries on this planet. It’s well-known for many things: Fine cycling and sea-kayaking, a rich history, pleasant weather, friendly people, tasty apples and superb bouldering. The third week of our climbing road trip through Finland we directed our trusty touring van towards Turku, drove on a ferry and enjoyed the journey to Åland, the promised island of Nordic bouldering.

Christoph on Game Over, 7c

The Week in Review XCV

Back from my Höga Kusten thru-hike in Sweden, which was just as cold & wet as a November hike can be - but it was beautiful nevertheless!

A view over the sea towards a moody sky over the Archipelago