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Assorted Ice Climbing Gear

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Besides boots, crampons, ice axes and a backpack there’s a few more pieces of gear an ice climber needs - ice screws, belay devices, slings, quick draws, and and and. In this article I highlight some of the assorted ice climbing gear which I have used during this years ice climbing exploits.

Assorted climbing gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear IcePack

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Ice climbing does involve a fair bit of gear. There’s tools and crampons, ropes, screws, a helmet and belay jacket as well as safety gear. You could start each approach wearing all of that gear, or you just could use a lightweight backpack and hike in comfort to the base of your climb. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear IcePack is such a lightweight backpack. A Living Review.


Petzl Nomic Ice Tools

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After boots and crampons ice tools are the third essential piece of gear when climbing ice. As with the other equipment, I did plenty of research online, in magazines and books before I decided to get the Petzl Nomic ice tools, and once I used them I understood why they’re so highly regarded. A Living Review.

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