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The Week in Review IX

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Hectic times in which last minute orderes are put in, gear lists are made, discussed, re-made, backpacks packed and tried on, and then there’s a lot of anticipation for flying down to Slovenia and meeting the nine other participants of the UL Summit.

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The Week in Review VIII

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This is a crowdsourced version of TWIR. Please direct possible complaints towards the crowd who curated this post.

Possible complaints about the new design of this site you may tell me; Twitter is best for that, while I sort out the bugs.

Less than two weeks till the <a href=”http://ultralightsummit.com/”target=”_blank”>UL Summit</a> starts!

The Boilerwerks have <a href=”http://www.theboilerwerks.com/2012/07/coming-soon-that-new-product/”target=”blank”>a new product coming out soon</a>.

Sean has been busy with <a href=”http://oookworks.com/OookBlog/?p=164”target=”_blank”>the modular OookSystem</a>.

<a href=”http://andrewskurka.com/2012/stupid-light-not-always-right-or-better/”target=”_blank”>Why light is not necessarily right, and why lighter is not necessarily better</a>.

Helen has been <a href=”http://helenswonderings.blogspot.fi/2012/07/rondane-sketching.html”target=”_blank”>sketching Rondane</a>.

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A photo set of a <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/verbouwenoelem/sets/72157630132879712/”target=”_blank”>Morocco High Atlas bikepacking trip</a>.

<a href=”http://sweepingthegarden.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/sierra-xc-loop-73-thru-782012/”target=”_blank”>Sierra XC Loop</a>. Recommended.

<a href=”http://mcalisterium.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/torridon/”target=”_blank”>Torridon</a>.

<a href=”http://walkers-anon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/guest-blog-summits-in-sun-meall-nan-eun.html”target=”_blank”>Summits in the Sun: Meall nan Eun and Stob Ghabhar</a>.

Forrest McCarthy in the <a href=”http://forrestmccarthy.blogspot.com/2012/07/bob-marshall-wilderness.html”target=”_blank”>Bob Marshall Wilderness</a>.

<a href=”http://www.kenilgunas.com/2012/07/hiking-rockies-with-andrew-skurka.html”target=”_blank”>Hiking the Rockies with Andrew Skurka</a>.

<a href=”http://blakeclimbs.blogspot.fi/2012/07/liberty-crack-liberty-bell.html”target=”_blank”>Liberty Crack - Liberty Bell</a>.

<a href=”http://gridnorth.blogspot.fi/2012/07/west-coast-stravaiging-packrafting-trek.html”target=”blank”>A Packrafting Trek Through Scotland</a>.

A Trip Report from the <a href=”http://www.backpackingnorth.com/2012/07/trip-report-nordkalotten-trail.html”target=”_blank”>Käsivarsi Wilderness Area</a>.

<a href=”http://therepublicofdoom.blogspot.fi/2012/07/fowler-tour-day-3.html”target=”_blank”>Fowler Tour Day Three</a>.

Willem checks in from <a href=”http://transscandinavia.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/the-last-mountains-of-southern-norway/”target=”_blank”>the last mountains of southern Norway</a>.

<a href=”http://imaginegnat.com/2012/07/09/big-big-country-on-film/”target=”_blank”>Big, Big Country on Film</a>.

Toni reports from his first <a href=”http://tonilund.blogspot.fi/2012/07/event-report-tahko-mtb-2012.html”target=”blank”>Tahko MTB</a> experience.

Apple blossom

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<a href=”http://forrestmccarthy.blogspot.fi/2012/07/gps-for-wilderness-navigation.html”target=”_blank”>GPS for Wilderness Navigation</a>. Recommended reading if you’re considering a GPS for said activity.

Brian muses on his <a href=”http://www.briangreen.net/2012/07/goruck-challenge-gear-loadout.html”target=”_blank”>GORUCK Challenge gear</a>.

Peter has been <a href=”http://www.yetirides.com/2012/07/some-sewing-required.html”target=”_blank”>sewing framepacks</a>.

<a href=”http://whileoutriding.com/2012/07/05/leanified-ogre-ecuador/”target=”_blank”>A Leanified Ogre</a>.

Chad unboxes some mighty fine <a href=”http://sticksblog.com/2012/07/09/picharpak-workshop-unboxing/”target=”_blank”>PiCharPaK WorkSHop gear</a>.

<a href=”http://www.nielsenbrownoutdoors.com/2012/07/tale-of-2-jetboil-sol-tis.html”target=”_blank”>The Tale of two Jetboil Sol Tis</a>, also known as the world most dangerous gas stove, now also the most unreliable stove when going on long hikes, coming in many dresses.

<a href=”http://gavinmacfie.blogspot.fi/2012/07/montane-atomic-stretch-jacket-review.html”target=”_blank”>Montane Atomic Stretch Jacket Review</a>.

<a href=”http://walkwildscotland.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/mountain-equipment-supercell-an-update/”target=”_blank”>Mountain Equipment Supercell</a>.

An <a href=”http://www.journeymantraveller.com/2012/07/arcteryx-venta-pant-initial-analysis.html”TArget=”_blank”>initial analysis of the Arc’teryx Venta Pant</a>.

The Week in Review VII

Please expect interruptions during the next two weeks while my brother is visiting me. I'm also loosing my temper with Blogger, and might just re-launch with Octopress before the next TWIR. Now reading Chris Townsend's new book Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams - Walking the Pacific Northwest Trail and The Custom Road Bike. Which makes me wanna bike the PNT. Andreas' dad on how not to get sick. Tips For Pitch-Perfect Hammock Camping. On independence. Gareth reviews Making Tracks – children led walk route packs. Colin is all change, realizing that you don't need a DSLR to make awesome photos. I concur. Trekking-Lite-Store.com renewed the website - have a browse! Also Hyperlite Mountain Gear did a re-design of their website, and added some new products to their line-up - check it out! Chicken The amazing Fowler Tour, Day 1. An overview of the Great South West Walk, Victoria. Nationalpark Val Grande. The Valkyrie - A New Route in the Stuart Range. Dave hangs in the Kendrick Mountain Wilderness. Jess is in the Granite Mountain Ridge, Idaho. Nick runs through the Great Wilderness. John & Jean are in Paradise, also known as New Zealand. The must see & read of the week. Paul & Backpacking - The Next Generation. A trip report from the Blades and Bushcraft Meeting Cass enjoys Jungle tendrils and faulty power showers from Riobamba to Loja, Ecuador. Windmill An overview of Alpkit kit in operation - kayak touring in Southern Finland. I wrote about designing the perfect hydration system which was a fun post to write. Chris Townsend reviews his TGO Challenge gear. Dave does pack mods and rain pants. Mark shares his first impressions of the Gossamer Gear Mariposa A review of the Montane Volt Fleece Jacket. Martin looks at the Gear news from Friedrichshafen 2012. Peter has a super-awesome new ride - a Salsa Mukluk in XL. A very great comparison of four Hydration Bladders.