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The Week in Review

Living in Europe and lusting for cottage gear from the USA, but don't like to wait for weeks to get gear and pay ransom at the customs high import duties? Then trekking-lite-store.com has you covered. Besides gear from Katabatic Gear, Hyperlite Mountain Gear and TarpTent (among others!) they also have a range of other lightweight gear brands on offer. And if you fancy tents, take a look at the brand new Wild Country Zephyros 2 and the Nemo Meta 2P.

A city walk, sort of.

Get a Frontage Roads patch.

A very fine update on the European Packrafting Scene (Lets do more packrafting in Europe to "force" Sven and Marc to do weekly updates ;).

A date with dawn on the Great Ridge. Just in case you need inspiration to get up early.

Fraser had a lazy weekend. He photographs ducks on these lazy weekends, and does so several forces of magnitudes better than many.

Scott from Porcelain Rocket shows how to make a pattern. In a video. Smooth operator.

Tarping at -33°C in Estonia? Sure!

Steve visits The Roaches.

Winter climbing without boots.

David leaves for the quest for the Ogre’s Den. What sounds like an AD&D adventure is actually a hiking trip, which means there sadly was no dragon slaying involved.

Wintry snow fun in England.

The Elden Slabs see little traffic, lack a trail and have a fine view.

Japanese wintry mountain awesomeness from Tengu Dake.

Mike is sleeping with Gas Canisters.

Peter meanwhile was on some hill while the sun was setting. In winter.

Ice and snow was also to be found in Strathconon.

Dennis went for an Overnighter im Steinbruch.

Carol just released her second trail book.

Jaakko shares his first impressions of the Altai Hok 125 with us.

MYOG Carbon fibre Greenland paddle. Exquisite.

You got a dog? You got a packraft? You got a bike? Then you need a dog bikerafting platform.

Peter and Toni are now Finnish TV celebrities.

Miss autumn? Adam shows you a Carpathian Fall.

Jake is barefooting the Ozette.

Waterfilter comparison, exhaustive.

Salomon X-Over shoes, first impressions.

Tomas does Gear Porn.

Joslyn has a tiny Heiny.

Surly Moonlander has landed in the UK.

Greg enlightens you about HTML Image tags. If you write a blog and take pretty photos, a recommended read.

Disclaimer: This week's "The Week In Review" is brought to you by the trekking-lite-store.com. Want to sponsor the next one? Get in touch.

Ultralight Podcast

Thursday last week I asked on Twitter if there's an interest in an UL podcast. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; though questions came up which I will try to answer here.

First off, let me tell you about my favourite podcast of all time: Fell Calls. Four friends which sit down and discuss all stuff Warmachine and Hordes, a superb miniature game from Privateer Press. A very relaxed atmosphere, funny, informative, and just about the best thing I can imagine when painting Minis.

And that's the format I want to do with this UL podcast as well. Mates talking about UL skiing, backpacking, bikepacking, packrafting, climbing, skills, people, gear and trips. A bit of a direction for each show, but not being afraid to improvise and possibly talking about something completely different if that's where the conversation takes us.

To keep work to a minimum, it is going to be a podcast in the traditional sense - no video. I find video podcasts tedious, and I doubt it would add anything to it.

Making a regular schedule is a nice idea though probably won't work - different time zones, family & work commitments, being outdoors, and needing to get the gear and get familiar with using it all means at least in the beginning it is going to be a "When it happens, it happens" show.

Because I know that there's this one other Outdoors Podcast - nope, we're not going to compete with that. This is going to be a young, fresh, Rated R-18 (because we speak about sexy gear and are not afraid to say shit) podcast, made by friends who enjoy UL backpacking and talking about it.

I got in touch with a few European UL blogger-friends who agreed to participate every now and then, though I think it'd be fun to make this an international endeavour. So those of you who feel comfortable to chat in English and hail from e.g. Japan, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Russia - well, anywhere, really - and you have an interest in ultralight outdoor adventures and aren't afraid to talk about it - Email me.

So yeah, that's that. Once we're set to go, you'll surely read about it. I for one am very excited about it!


Update 07.02.2012

Unintentionally I phrased my initial post above in an ambiguous way. When I wrote that I and other participants of this endevour do not intend to compete with The Outdoors Station I meant just that. We don't aim to compete.

My mistake was to write in the same paragraph that we aim to be "young, fresh, Rated R-18" and here some interpreted that I implied that the aforementioned podcast wouldn't be that. This was not how it was meant, and I am sorry if Bob Cartwright and other members of The Outdoors Station (and other possible podcasts, just to be sure) felt this was meant as an insult. Please accept my apology.

The Week in Review

A lovely cold week it was.

Gorgeous Timelapse Video showing the beautiful Australian continent.

The Removal of Cesare Maestri's Bolt Ladders on Cerro Torre.

Unboxing-Video of the LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK 2012. Unboxing videos rule. LAUFBURSCHE rules. Both together = awesome.

Speaking of LAUFBURSCHE, the webshop is set to open its doors at the end of February. Start saving now.

Choose the right skis to glide through winter.

Kids & electronics on the trail.

Why a wood stove?

Dawn is on La Palma, and has a been pretty much every day hiking some fine trail on the island. Los Tilos Tunnels is one of them. Beautiful.

Winter on the Rim, in case you prefer a little snow with your red rocks and mountain bikes.

James spent a stunning day on Stob Coire nam Beith.

Greg hikes up Mt Buffalo.

Photographing snow.

Tradition or habit?

PCT Food Review: What I liked, Would Do Differently, and Recommend.

Amanda lets us know What it's like being an Outdoorsman's wife.

Return of the villain.

A ramble from summer into autumn in Sarek.

David's Adventures in Aviemore.

Paul visits the patron fell of Wasdale.

Jake walks solo across the Park. Barefoot.

Primus OmniLite Ti, the newest Multifuel stove on the market.

10 oz. Shelter System.

Marmot DriClime Ether Wind Shirt.

Brian presents his Emberlit-UL Esbit mod.

Building a pit house.

Sabi prepares for hiking the PCT this year.

Don’t hike your own hike.

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