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The Winner Takes It All

A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses,
but talks about what he'll do if he wins,
and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins,
but knows what he'll do if he loses.
- Eric Berne

39 participants, and my Black Magic resulted in number 19 being the winner*. Antti T - you're the lucky man. You and your kids get to enjoy the benefits of the LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Cuben Stuff Sacks - congratulations! Please get in touch and let me know your address so I can send them to you.

A sincere Thank You to all participants, there are some ace trips planned and I am looking forward to hear and read about them in the future. Also a big thank you to LITEMOUNTAINGEAR and the Trekking-Lite-Store.com for making this possible.

If you want to lighten up your stuff sacks, remember that Trekking-Lite-Store.com stocks LITEMOUNTAINGEAR, and also the LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Webshop sells them fine cuben stuff sacks!


*Comments were sorted by Oldest First, in case you went to count the comments and found a different winner.

The Week in Review

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David will walk the HRP. For two months. Here he tells us WHY.

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LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Cuben Stuff Sacks Raffle.

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Kupilka Raffle winners:

The Kupilka 5 shot glass goes to Dave.

The Kupilka 21 kuksa goes to Janneke Kimstra.

And the Kupilka 44 plate and cutlery set goes to Aarondietzen.

Thanks to all participants & Kupilka for making it possible. Winners, please contact me.

LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Cuben Stuff Sacks Raffle

It is Midsummer here in the North, a time of celebration, 24 hours of sunlight, good food, sauna and being together with family and friends. Lets make giving away practical UL gear swag also part of this traditional celebration.

LITEMOUNTAINGEAR is a new cottage out of Germany (yeah, another one! Sweet for us Europeans, isn't it!) who makes gear for the lightweight aficionado, out of cuben. At the moment they offer stuff sacks, a trekking pole extender and a cuben raincover for your backpack, but shelters are in the making, and they look interesting. I'm told in the summer they will continue prototyping gear, and their blog is likely the right place to check out what's in the making, as well as seeing where they tested it.

In cooperation with LITEMOUNTAINGEAR and Trekking-Lite-Store.com I am happy to offer you a complete set of LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Cuben Stuff Sacks! Four stuff sacks, weighing 24 grams together and who have a volume of 11 liters combined, they are ideal to keep your gear in order and protected from dirt and water (no, they're not drybags, but cuben is highly waterproof). Size-wise we have the Small bag for your FA and Washing kit, Medium and Large for puffy insulation or your tarp while X Large should hold your quilt or a super-puffy downjacket.

The game is easy:

1. Follow LITEMOUNTAINGEAR on Twitter
2. Like Trekking-Lite-Store.com on Facebook
3. Leave a comment and tell me on which trip you plan to use your new cuben stuff sacks

You have time till next week Thursday, 30th of June, noon, Finnish time to do so. I will then announce the winner either the same day or in the Sunday post, and as usual I shall determine the lucky winner by consulting the death. If you don't do Facebook or Twitter, no worries - it's for extra points, but winning is still possible without =)

Can't wait till next week for a chance to win swag? Need a raincover for your backpack, or an 8 g tarp pole extender? Trekking-Lite-Store.com stocks LITEMOUNTAINGEAR, and also the LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Webshop sells their gear for a reasonable ransome price. Yarrrrr!