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Food (for Thought)

Tomorrow at 08.50 o'clock the girlfriend and me will take the bus to Kuru to walk part of the Pirkan-Taival Trail. Its gonna be an easy, relaxed walk, where she will be the boss if it comes to speed and breaks. I will carry the food, sleeping bags and mattresses, kitchen and so on, while she can take it easy and carry the snacks and her own water. While I was considering going with the Real Turmat food, we decided to go with my own cooking for this trip. We also just got her a Haglöfs Hail Q Jacket this morning, for rain and wind protection. Together with her Haglöfs pants she's now set and should be save if there's some rain.

Our Dinner will be curry rice with tuna and pineapple. Its quick and tasty, and costs significantly less than the 8€ one of the Real Turmat bags would have cost me. As a nightcap we take a hot Minttu cacao - Minttu is a delicious Finnish peppermint liqueur, and I saw in Alko that they had it in a small bottle so it is perfect for this trip.

Dinner + Nightcap.

As snacks I bought us a variety of organic fruit bars, at 1€ a piece they're affordable and tasty. Two organic chocolate bars for some quick energy, as well as a bag of assorted nuts should keep us going. If we feel like something warm to drink, the good cappucino cacao will be the go to.

Food - snacks
Snacks for the day.

Breakfast will be organic müsli with milk powder, an apple - I can't continue to say how good apples are as trail food! - and another cup of cappucino cacao. I'll pre-mix the müsli and milk powder in zip-lock bags this evening, so I don't need to carry the cardboard boxes.

Food - breakfast

We'll be back Wednesday evening, so you can expect a trip report one Thursday or Friday.

Day Tripping

Already a few weekends ago I went with the significant other for a day trip to the forests close to Tampere. We took a bus to the forest, and then walked for about three hours till it started raining and we took a bus back home. We saw plenty of squirrels in the forest, and the ridges and eskers made for a nice walk. I even made us a cup of cacao with the Bush Buddy, and the lady was mighty impressed =) Enjoy some photos of our day out together.

Walking w/ Minna

Walking w/ Minna

Walking w/ Minna


Walking w/ Minna

I was able to convince her to go for an over-nighter with me, and so we will walk a part of the Pirkan Taival trail next week. It needs to be perfect - its her first backpacking trip - so I need to ensure

a) great scenery
b) easy walking
c) sufficient and good food
d) beautiful spot for the night

and of course good equipment and so on. I probably will give her my Haglöfs Tight Pro with some food and water, while I will carry everything else. I won a Sir Joseph Double Attack sleeping bag in a blogging contest in March, so we will be using that, coupled together, for sleeping, together with a Evazote and my TAR ProLite 4. Cooking will be with the BBU, and I was thinking of getting some Real Turmat food for the trip, cuz its fast and easy. If you got any tips on how to make the trip a excellent first experience, feel free to share them with me!

Gear Talk/ Test: LMF Firesteel and Platypus Water Bottle

Already a while back I got my Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel and my Platypus 1l Water Bottle, both from Ultralight Outdoor Gear which showed once again what superior customer service is: Friday ordered, Tuesday delivered.

I got the Mini version of the LMF Firesteel, as it was the lightest one available - weighing in at 12 gr. I tried it out already, and it sparks nicely, though I still need to work on my skills with it. I found the shaver useless, and will probably take it off, as its a lot easier to use a knife to strike a spark. Its orange colour also is genius, as it is now easy to spot in case it should drop in the grass - plus it matches the colour of the TT 1100 stuff sack =)


I also got myself two 1l Platypus water bottles, which weight in at 23 gr. a piece, which is significant less than my Nalgene Top Loop bottle. I got those because they're easy to roll up when empty, and then they don't take up much space. The Platypus has proven itself already in daily life, performing very well on day trips as well in the city or on picnics with the girlfriend. A very useful item, and the material is sturdy - it withstood fishhooks which I carried next to it, without a problem.


If you're looking to lighten your load while being able to light a fire in a downpour, these two items are a highly recommended!