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Sony RX100 IV Field Report

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What camera do you use? is probably the most common question I am asked when out on a trip or when someone sees my photos, and an astounding expression is often the result when I show my Sony RX100 IV - a pocket camera. But because size & weight matter ever less in the fast evolving world of photography, the results of this small camera speak for it - be it here on the blog or in print magazines. A comprehensive Field Report.

Sony RX100 IV

The Week in Review 252

“Mountaineering is not accessible to moral value judgements. And yet: People who regularly take big risks in the mountains must be considered either profoundly selfish, or incapable ot sympathy for those who love them.” - Robert Macfarlane

Dawn in the Dolomites

The Power of Gear Photos

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What does get you more in the mood to put on your shoes and head outdoors: A photo of a tent in an epic location or a photo of someone staring of into an epic distance?

Locus Gear Khufu CTF3, Julian Alps, Slovenia