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Reuseable Face Masks

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If you head outdoors in the city or have to travel, one thing is clear: You should be wearing a face mask. But instead of a disposable mask you should invest into a reuseable face mask. For yourself, and for the environment. Short on money? Then check out how I made a mask from an old T-Shirt, without sewing!

, Maloja Face Mask Frontside

Impressions From Rokua

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Autumn is the best hiking time of the year. And what’s the best thing to do in autumn? Spending it outdoors with your family! That’s what we did last weekend in the Rokua GeoPark and Rokua National Park!

Hiking in Rokua GeoPark

Anfibio REBEL 2K - the Most Versatile Packraft?

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Packrafting, the possibility to not see water bodies as an obstacle on your trekking trips, but as an Opportunity: An opportunity to cross lakes, float down rivers, or even go white water rafting! With the Anfibio REBEL 2K the Packrafting Store has launched a packraft which is ideal for both absolute packrafting beginners and seasoned packrafters, too! It’s versatile in use and it’s compact pack size and light weight make it a dream for remote backpacking - packrafting trips!