Hiking in Finland

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Summer in Levi: Hikes and Bikes

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Levi is known as a Ski Mecca in Finland, with Levitunturi being an amazing mountain with 360° views over Lapland and slopes going down in every direction. That this village also is worth visiting in the summer and autumn is a little known fact outside of Finland - and even here not many people know that Levi is a great destination for active people and families in the summer!

Pieto on Blue Groove

Impressions From Northern Norway

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Summer, sunshine, cycling and hiking - as well as many cloudy days and some rain 😆 were what I experienced on my Arctic Island Hopping Trip in Northern Norway these past ten days. Here’s some first photographic impressions from a very memorable trip.

Leaving Skjervøy

Woom OFF AIR Review

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After many years of riding very happily on his woom Bikes it was once again to size up to the next one - but this time we decided to for the woom OFF AIR as it will allow us to go explore the local Mountain Bike trails! It of course also works great for riding to school and to the beach, as we have seen during the past three months, but it really shines on trails!

woom OFF AIR 6 in its natural habitat