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Hiking in Liechtenstein

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Small countries attract Martin and me. Often overseen because of their large neighbours, small countries fly under the radar. Which we love, as that way you get to hike often in relative peace on magnificent trails, with views which put larger trails to shame. The Route 66 and Liechtenstein-Weg are two such trails which don’t need to hide - superb infrastructure, inspiring views, friendly locals and the possibility of hiking through a complete country make Liechtenstein a world-class hiking destination!


Impressions From Liechtenstein

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This was supposed to be our annual hike - a hike through a complete country in a few days, seeing a new corner of Europe with which we are not familiar. While we hiked through the complete country from South to North, it was not the hike we had planned…

Sunny Balzers

Ski Holidays in Warth-Schröcken

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It’s white outside here in Vaasa and much of the Northern Hemisphere, and inevitably my mind turns towards skiing! At the moment the next trip towards snow-covered mountains is still a wee bit off, but telling you about my last trip to Vorarlberg with Björn makes the waiting time more enjoyable - and helps you plan your own visit to the secret spot of Warth-Schröcken!

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