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Birgitan Polku Trip Report: Tampere - Lempäälä

Last weekend I was out with some mates from Couchsurfing, and it was a very relaxed and social trip. We walked about 13 km per day, and had a nice time by the fire in the evening. Its very different if you walk with someone else or a group, average speed goes down a bit, more photo breaks, and interesting conversations are some of the differences in comparison to walking alone. This next weekend I'm on another trip with mates from Couchsurfing, walking from Parkano to the Seitseminen National Park and then to Kuru, three days starting Friday at noon.

Anyhow, I life in Tampere and because we had a beginner with us we made an easy overnight trip with sleeping in a lean-to shelter for my mates so they don't need to carry a tent. We walked out of the city and after a few minutes of me studying the map we were on the right trail.

Autum is in full swing here, and the promised rain didn't come.

Mushrooms everywhere.

And sunshine.

Plus blue sky.

We passed nice lakes on the way, which invited us to rest for a while and enjoy the nature.

As we arrived at the campsite, I pitched the Scarp 1, in hope of some rain over night.

And while it was no longer sunny on Sunday morning, there wasn't a drop of rain.

Mushrooms and fallen leaves were everywhere.

As you also can see here =)

The Birgitan Polku sign. A nice trail for a short weekend trip, with three lean-to shelters on the route.

There even was some wildlife on the trail.
Photo by Mirva N.

More colourful wildlife.
Photo by Mirva N.

A bus ride from Lempäälä and we were back in Tampere in the early evening. I think in winter that will be a good route to test snowshoe walking, there where some small elevations and with the lean-to shelters one doesn't even need to take a tent. It would be a good test run before I head out to the National Parks and walk there, its a bit safer so close to home.

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