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A Whole Lot of Down Jackets

Its now really autumn here, rainy and windy. It snowed already last weekend in parts of Finland, and the thermometer here was dipping already a few times under the 0°C mark. Its the kind of weather where you're happy to put on a warm jacket if you go out, so that you stay toasty.

And while I got some downy loveliness in the gear closet, I am looking for a full blown down jacket with a hood to keep me warm when the thermometer says -15°C and more. It would be sweet if the jacket also would have a water repellant outer, so that the downs don't get wet too easily and lose their ability to loft. I'm currently doing some research on such a jacket, and thought maybe others are thinking about a similar investment; thus I share here my findings:

Montane North Star Jacket
- 525 g in Size M
- 185 g of down at 800+ Cuin (US Method)

Montbell U.L. Down Inner Parka
- 255 g in Size M
- 70 g of down at 800+ Cuin (US Method)

Nunatak Shaka Plus Down Sweater
- 284 g in Size M, Microlight outer
- 142 g of down at 800+ Cuin (US Method)

Sir Joseph Koteka Jacket
- 490 g in Size L
- 220 g of down at 800+ Cuin

Klättermusen Bore Jacket
- 565 g
- 275 g of down at 800+ Cuin

Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket
- 625 g
- 220 g of down at 850+ Cuin (US Method)

Patagonia Down Sweater Full Zip Hoody
- 431 g
- no info on how much g down

PHD Yukon Down Jacket
- 450 g
- 900+ Cuin down, but no info how many g of it

Nahanny Down Jacket
- 830 g, can be less depending on size, materials, etc.
- 350 g of down at 650+ Cuin, can be upgraded to 750+ Cuin and can get overfill

GoLite Roan Plateau 800 Jacket
- 546 g
- 165 g of 800+ Cuin goose down fill

Quite a lot of choice, as you can see, and I surely missed some other options - feel free to let me know. Currently I'm leaning towards the Rab Neutrino Jacket, excellent quality and build, and very nice colour that orange; or the Sir Joseph Koteka Jacket, which looks also superbly build and has smart extras. Which down jacket are you wearing in the winter when backpacking?

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