Hiking in Finland

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Sunday Afternoon Snowshoeing

I just came back from a 2 hour snowshoeing trip. The weather was fine with only -15°C and a bit windy, a bit sunny. I walked a bit more than four kilometers, most of it on the ice, and made a break in the middle, on one of the islands, where I practiced pitching my MYOG Tarp and made a cup of hot cacao with my Ti-Tri. I used alcohol to melt a pot of snow and boil the water, just for trying something new out, but realized that I'm really more of an wood fire man. Sitting there and waiting without needing to do anything isn't anything for me, and with a wood burning stove you can spend your time put more wood on it, getting wood, etc. Yeah, I'm a fire bug =)

Tarp pitched high...

... and pitched low.

I do record my trips lately using Trailguru, a nifty little app for the iPhone. Trailguru is free, and it records your walk on top of Google Maps. It allows you to include photos on you map, and breaks your data down into useful information - now I know for example that I need roughly 13 minutes to walk one kilometer, or have an average speed of 4,7 km/ h. It even tells you how much calories you've burned, if you need to know that kind of stuff. Here is a map with all my data from today's walk.

Waiting for the snow to melt and the water to boil.

Pitching the tarp was good, my beaks really need some fixing. I think I am going to add to more pull-out points to the beaks, which should help them to be more tight. Playing around with it, I realized that if I take a safety pin or two with me, I can pin the beaks together and create an almost closed end. In the next few days I will try to get out for an hour or two each evening and go snowshowing, as the big tour is coming up, next Friday the seven backpackers arrive and we'll start hiking on Saturday.