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Here and there I already mentioned that I am the fortunate owner of a new backpack, something very innovative, made by a UL cottage-in-stealth-mode from Germany, called LAUFBURSCHE. Here I want to present you a first look at this backpack, which is still a prototype but very close to the finished product which will go on sale during this summer. It is called the LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK.

UL awesomeness from Germany!

I met the maker of the huckePACK during the TUFWT 1.0 and could see for myself the packs in action. Mine above, packed with complete food and summer gear for an overnighter, has a 35 liter volume which can be expanded to 49 l thanks to the extendable collar. It is made of black silnylon, while the bottom is made of XPAC.

Front view. The front mesh pocket has plenty of space, and I can fit all my small stuff in there.

The lid. This is the most innovative lid I have seen thus far, and enables the pack to be nearly 100% waterproof. Check also the 3D shoulder strap.

Backside. The shoulder straps are the most comfortable ones I have ever experienced, anatomically formed and of a very light yet durable material, 3D.

The weight of this pack, which has removable trailpole holders, sternum strap, compression cordage, load lifters and much more, is 330 g. The craftsmanship is superb, "Quality Made in Germany" which doesn't need to hide in comparison to established cottages. What I really like is that LAUFBURSCHE has used only the lightest components and best material available, without compromises. There is nothing fancy and extra, no big buckles or similar, only the smallest, lightest, highest quality material available.

I used the huckePACK so far on small training trips, and it carries great; my summer kit fits in there with plenty of space to spare. This will be my go-to pack for probably all trips from summer till autumn. And before you ask: The LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK is not yet commercially available. You can check the as of the moment inactive LAUFBURSCHE blog (it should go life in a couple of weeks) about the upcoming launch of the cottage, which plans to offer the packs as a standard in black and grey silnylon as well as grey Dyneema X Gridstop, and other colours and materials will be as special wishes available. You'll be able to see more of my huckePACK here in a couple of weeks in a video, when I will show you how to pack it, and what kind of Tardis it is!

Looking forward to summer backpacking!