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Patagonia W's Nano Puff Pullover

The Patagonia W's Nano Puff Pullover is a very nice and light pullover. It is well-made, the material is comfortable on the skin and it is very warm.

I like that it packs very small, so it is easy to take on a trip and does not take a lot of space. The colour is nice, but maybe more subtle colours are better. It doesn't let any wind through and also in the light rain it kept me dry. I like that it is made of 100% recycled polyester, and once it is old it can be send back with the Patagonia Common Threads Recycling Programme and be recycled again.

The cuff of the arms are nice and fit tight around the wrists, but the general cut could be tighter - for a feminine cut I think it is very wide. Nevertheless, it sits fine and also the hem in the back does not rise when walking. The front pocket is good, one could store a map there, or a key & iPod when one goes for a walk in the city garden.

Because it is such a warm garment, the long front zipper is useful for ventilation when the temperatures are rising but the wind is chilly and one wants to keep the arms covered. All in all, it is a great garment which is perfect for winter activities or the summer evenings in Finland when the sun is gone and a breeze is going.