Hiking in Finland

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The Week in Review

Busy packing, dehydrating the last meals and hoping that the final package arrives in time before I take off to Russia on Monday morning. I hope to get my final gear list online tomorrow, and might tweet the occasional update from Russia, you are thus well advised to follow me on Twitter. There's going to be a double feature of "The Week In Review" on the 10th of October, until then you also can feel free to browse through my updated reading list!

UL gains ground in Finland, and Litekayaker reviews the MLD Grace Cuben Duo tarp and shows us that also other outdoor sports can make good use of lightweight gear.

Robin, still having not yet found the perfect backpack, has a first look at his new Lightwave Ultrahike 60.

Phil gives us the inside scoop of what kind of fine new outdoor beds Pacific Outdoor Equipment is coming out with, in his POE Peak ELITE AC Preview.

PTC amuses us with the Midlayer Deathmatch.

Philip aka Sectionhiker gives us his first impressions of the ZPacks Hexamid.

Steven on the other hand reviews the MLD Trailstar, and also delivers us a MLD Trailstar pitching guide!

Roman Dial takes a look at the Monatauk Gnat and other UL gas stoves.

Made by yours truly =)

James went to Saddleworth Moor, and by the look of the photos the weather is still perfect in the UK.

Steven visited the Ring of Steall which showcases some fantastic scenery.

Greenland is represented in Part 2 and Part 3 of Sabine's trip report, and it is gorgeous - recommended read!

Royal Wulff celebrates the summer's end by going fly fishing and enjoying the autumn.

Rules in the Wilderness? Pig Monkey thinks nothing of it, and spent Equinox in the Stuart Range. Great photos, and remember: "The first rule is: There are no rules."

Some beautiful mountain phtos from the Sextener Dolomites are brought to us from Tourenberichte.

Rainbows, sun, mist, sheep, helicopters - just another normal walking day in the Esk Hause Fells for Sharkey.

Packraft and Paddle is a new blog from New York, and Dan had his Maiden Voyage in his Yukon Yak not too long ago.

The Hikemasters walk the Harney Peak Loop, Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.

Mrak was in the Southern Uplands and his trip report is definitely worth your time!

My meals in Russia won't be as fresh as this one, but just as tasty!

Not quite as meaty as my meal above, Brian tells us his Vegetarian Trail burrito recipe.

hrXXLight on the other hand lets us know how to make your own dehydrated bouillon mix.

Normally carrying massive loads and now trying UL? Sounds like Jonas from Nature-base, and here are his impressions on gear from his first UL trip.

Finally, the Wandering Photographer reminds us of ultralight bushcrafting.