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Snowshoein' Daytrippin'

Last weekend M and I decided to go for a snowshoeing trip. Snow is plentiful here in Tampere, and we only need to walk 50 meters till we're in Pyynikki recreational area. So out of the door, down the road, and the snowshoes come on. I used my MSR Lightning Ascents, well used with the colour chipping off in places, and M got to try the new MSR Lightning Axis.

I decided that it would be most fun to walk on the lake, along the shore on the ice. This decision was met with skepticism from M, who didn't find the occasional puddles and open ice along the shore inspiring confidence. I reassured here that we're safe, as besides the 50 cm or more of snow between us and the ice, there was at most 30 cm till the bottom. We're safe. Trust me. I'm an aspiring Wilderness Guide. I'm not gonna take a risk.

A Meadow Vole snow tunnel.

So off we went, at a leisurely speed, mostly because the heel strap of the Axis kept on slipping of M's shoe. This became quite annoying, so after a while we switched snowshoes, and from there on we were fine. We were following a path where there was one, and made our own track where there wasn't.

Following a path, enhancing it with our snowshoes. I will bill the city for that =)

M making tracks.

Yours truly leading the way.

Looking back.

We life in a nice area of Tampere, five minutes walking distance to the centre, and far less than that to the recreational area, the beach and lake. We can snowshoe/ ski on the lake till Nokia (the town where this one quite popular Finnish company is from) and further, going along some nice parts of Tampere, where small wooden houses are still the norm. Anyway.

Walking on ice and snow, besides the aforementioned issues, are fun. Lakes are even, and make for an easy and fun snowshoeing experience. Finding the best part to walk on was an enjoyable challenge, too close to the shore and you're walking in 75 cm of powder, to far from the shore and the ice-trust-issue came up. Walk in the middle of both and you sink into the snow only a few centimeters. Following the mountain hare tracks in the snow is also smart!

We walked for three hours, with little breaks enjoying the flora and fauna, had a cup of tea at the end and were amused by the cat we met along the way. Then it was off the lake and up to the street, from where we caught a bus home. To see a map with stats of this trip, click here. And now go out and enjoy a walk in your neighbourhood!