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The Ultimate Budget UL Gearlist

Goof-off Thursday strikes again, and after a great discussion on "Who is the lightest of them all?" and some inspiring comments there, and the recent 300€ UL gearlist series from ausgeruestet.com (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) I thought what better for us to relax, slack off from work or studies and create a budget lightweight/ UL gearlist this Thursday, show casing that lightening up doesn't need to be expensive.

So here's the idea:

- 300€ (lets make that 400 USD) budget
- included needs to be backpack, sleeping mat, quilt/ sleepingbag, tarp/ tent, kitchen (that's pot & stove)
- try to include clothing if your budget allows
- try to stay under 7 kg, under 5 kg would be awesome
- 3 season worthy (Spring - Summer - Autumn) till 0°C.
- MYOG is allowed, only include costs for the materials in that case
- Structure is free, though name, (estimated) weight, costs and possibly a link would be great

Post the finished list, which should be beginner's friendly and give people interested in lightening up a vast resources of options available, on your own blog or in the comments. I will add my example during the day (or tomorrow =). Enjoy!