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Kupilka News & Raffle

It has been a loooong time since my Kupilka post, and a lot has happened in the Kupilka-verse. Time to let ya know what has happened and to celebrate, raffle off some fine Kupilka swag!

Some brand-spanking new Kupilka gear is up for grabs, including...

Well, Kupilka has expanded. Was it last October available from Finland, Germany and a few other countries, you now can get it from all around the world, and the company is expanding as you're reading this! I know there are a lot of readers from the USA, so you will be really happy to hear that you now can get it from US vendors! Also Japanese, Dutch and British readers will be delighted to hear that you can buy Kupilka at home, with your local currency and lower shipping costs than sending it from Finland! Quick links to countries which now have Kupilka locally + choose country; and some links to especially noteworthy ones:

USA: Backpacking Light
Japan: Moonlight Gear and Locus Gear (The Japanese certainly know how to make superb product photos!)
Sweden: Outnet
Spain: FerreHogar
South Africa: proVenture
United Kingdom: Lakeland Bushcraft

If you want a shop in your country to carry Kupilka gear, are a shop owner who wants to get it in your store or life in a country where Kupilka ain't available yet, please contact Michael at Kupilka to sort things out.

one Kupilka 21 kuksa, ...

Then Kupilka launched the Kupilka Companeros, an (Gossamer Gear-like) Ambassador kinda thing. Check it out and become an Ambassador for your country, free Kupilka goodies are waiting for you!

Finally, rumours have it that Kupilka is coming out with a new lightweight piece of awesomeness! Sadly the transmission was interrupted and I was not able to decipher the code, but I am confident that soon we will hear more about it. What could it be...?

one Kupilka 5 shot glass, ...

You did well, reading till here. Time to reward thee. With swag. Kupilka swag. Pick your item of choice, up for grabs are

- a Kupilka 5 shot glass
- a Kupilka 21 kuksa cup
- a Kupilka 44 plate & a Kupilka Cutlery Set

as well as a Kupilka 44 and a Kupilka Cutlery Set. Woohoo!

What you need to do? Start by liking Kupilka on Facebook - so you can stay up-to-date with the new gear coming, news and raffles like these. You also should follow Kupilka on Twitter for similar reasons, as well as quick responses to questions and interesting conversations. Not on Facebook or Twitter? No problem. It just gives you extra points in the raffle.

So, to participate in the raffle, leave a comment underneath, telling me

1. What you'd like to get (you only have one pick, choose wisely!)
2. What you'd eat or drink with your win
3. Did you follow Kupilka on Twitter and/ or liked them on Facebook? This gives you an extra point or two in the raffle.

The raffles runs till Sunday, the 26th of June, noon Finnish time. I then will use magic to determine the winners, and announce them in "The Week In Review" that day. As usually, it is open to everyone around the world, and as in the past, some little surprises might make it into the package to help you enjoy your new swag in style =)

I'm looking forward to read what you like to eat and drink, and wish thee a mighty fine weekend!