Hiking in Finland

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The Week in Review

Cuben is out.

XPac is IN.

Miguel reports on the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Japan six months ago.

Antti shows us his 2-Person Gasstove System.

Tom explains why the iPad matters to hiking bloggers.

10 gram Cuben Fibre Rain Overmitts from Black Rock Gear.

Rob fae Craigellachie's guest post on Summit and Valley is a definite highlight - make sure to have a cup of tea and some biscuits at hand before you set out to read it.

Mr. Newton elaborates on umbrellas in backpacking. A recommended read for the openminded folks reading here.

Handlebar bags from Porcelain Rocket. Bikepacking folks will approve.

Terry wrote a fine post on blogging and the outdoors, free gear and commercialisation. A recommended read.

Chad check out the Hammock Gear Custom 50 F Burrow Top Quilt.

Tomas is killing it yet again, his Made in wherever: ethical hiking gear is a must-read.

Pig-Monkey recommends Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries for your outdoor gadgets.

Phattire went backpacking at Harriman State Park. Cool photos.

Matt writes about the heaven and hell of Yosemite.

John has an exquisite MYOG Cuben Fibre backpack tutorial on his site.

Fabian reviews the Silva Trail Runner headlamp.

Jörgen's 18 year old son was rebellious, and soloed the Kungsleden - all 430 km of it - with a starting weight of 27 kg in 18 days.

Basti sheds some light on the LAUFBURSCHE Laavu, the hottest shelter currently on the market.

Chris Townsend writes about the ethics of outdoor gear.

If the alcohol for your alcohol stove isn't coloured, let Brian help you out and make it saver to use.

Dave tells you how to get out more.

The Review Of the Week™ award goes to James' Manfur Review.

Great photos from a canoe trip on Muriel Lake come from Richard.

Greg's "Corner Season" post is really making me want to get out.

Damien & Renee report on summer hiking in Nova Scotia.

John walked the E4 this summer. When he talks about his gear I make sure to listen.

Ryan ponders about the other kind of hiking.

Pondering about a fatbike? Josh shares his insights, so listen closely.

Fils has a living review of the MLD SuperBivy up. Good stuff.

Paul reports on a failed wild camp on Great Mell Fell

Finally, I wrote about the future of gear reviews, and the Jetboil Sol Ti is the first of the living reviews I've done. Feedback suggests I haven't yet nailed it completely, so I will continue to work on it.