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The Week in Review

Daylight savings, I hate thee.

I'm getting a GoPro HD HERO2 and am so full of happy anticipation that I couldn't wait till it arrival to tell you all about it.

Patagonian Dreams is a blog I was made aware of last week, and think it is something the lot of you gals and guys will enjoy. Steve and his wife Katrijn have been around quite a bit - Greenland, Patagonia, Scandinavia, Andes, Alaska and Pakistan, all lightweight, and their blog shares their adventures. Check it out, there's some gorgeous photos there, and some useful tips.

This Ben Collins fellow also knows something about taking photos. So when he ventures into the Bernese Oberland mountains of the Swiss Alps for some mountaineering, then we do well to sit back with a cup of tea to enjoy his work - even if his best laid plans go to waste.

Tom has sorted out the Most Extreme Hiking Tale and needs you to vote for a winner.

Dennis illuminates us about downjackets, their advantages and disadvantages, and what you should look at when you buy one.

Terry shares his secrets on how to catch cloud inversions.

Fraser took a pretty sweet photo of the night sky.

Toni also has some fine photos to show off in his Fall Review.

Royall Wulff, his mate and their sons had a banner day in Colorado. Recommended read!


Mark shares his thoughts on the Terra Nova Laser 20L pack with us. He tried it on a few walks, like his Stanage Edge and Bamford Moor one.

Jaakko on the other hand is in love, with his La Sportiva Wild Cats. His Long-Term Report is the love letter he wrote for them.

Hariyama Productions from Japan presents their latest cuben backpack creation, the BP005. I like the way to attach the pad in the back, good (small but useful) innovation.

This Cross-Scotland Kayak Adventure series has some fine photos.

Ross is confused about Bushcraft.

Jake was for less than 96 hours in the Bob Marshall wilderness, but had fun nevertheless.

How about some Canyons, Waterfalls and Sand Dunes?

Ellen was hiking for a weekend in Evans Notch, and autumn colours reigned supreme.

Errin was bikepacking on Catalina Island.

If you need some sun, red rocks, adventures and mountain bikes, then Greg has you covered.


Martin's Used and abused from Aviemore to Blair Atholl will enlighten you about some gear.

How about an 11 g MYOG Moskito Headnet?

Chris Townsend also has a very exhaustive and in-depth gear report on his site, which is well worth checking out.

Mark continues his Ultralight Makeover Redux series with Part 5 - Start Cooking Light.