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Advent Calendar - Door Four

Dear Santa,

this cold and wet weather is nasty, let me tell you - I'd love for it to be a real winter already, with snow and such. In this wet weather it is mighty hard to keep my smartphone dry, let alone taking it out in the rain to write a text to my mate to ask him if he'd fancy a pint - I'm pretty much gave up on on alcohol because of that. Well, with a SealLine iSeries case for my phone, that would no longer need to be the case. I could text, tweet and call in a deluge, and would no longer need to worry that I break my smartphone. And if I pick up packrafting in the future, it also would come in handy - there's water everywhere. Anyway, I'd highly appreciate if you'd bring me one this year - see it as an investment, cuz if you don't, next year a new smartphone will be on my wishlist; and we both know that those aren't cheap!


- An aspiring UL Backpacker

Leave a comment with the brand of phone you want to put in there. It fits other phones than iPhones, although if they're massive the case will be too small.


And the winner is... Mikael Leppä - Congratulations! Please contact me via Email, you got till tomorrow 15 o'clock to get in touch otherwise it goes to the second in line! Thanks everyone else, see you tomorrow at 6 AM!

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