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Advent Calendar - Door Six

Dear Santa,

what a day, or night actually. I was out on my own, and found this beautiful camping spot at the beach, a great view over the lake, let me tell you. The inherent problems of beaches is that they're made of sand, and my Ti Shepard 1 g pegs weren't up to the task of securing my tarp. I needed to run around to search some rocks and sticks to be able to tie-out my tarp, and even fill some of my stuff sacks with sand. After an hour or so I finally had a halfway decent pitch, and set out to enjoy the sunset. During the night I was woken up by my tarp flapping around and the guylines whipping my face - a storm had come up, and my improvised stakes weren't up to the task. In the rain and wind I needed to retire to the forest, where my 1 g stakes were able to do the job, with the help of some rocks on top of them. Back at home I found out I should have got myself a pair of Toughstakes - those are especially made for sand & snow camping, and would have allowed me to sleep soundly through the night. As I plan to return to that beach, and also go snow camping a few times in the coming winter, it would be kind of you to drop a pair of Small Toughstakes into my stockings when you stop by. I will leave you a photo of my perfect pitch at the beach then next year!


- An aspiring UL-Backpacker

Leave a comment with a photo of your shelter pitched on sand or snow, and tell a story of how you pegged out the shelter.


Thanks everyone, some sweet shelter peg-out solutions there =) And the winner is... Yaroslav Istomin - Congratulations! Please contact me via Email, you got till tomorrow 15 o'clock to get in touch otherwise it goes to the second in line! Thanks everyone else, see you tomorrow at 6 AM!

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