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Advent Calendar - Door Two

Dear Santa,

today I would like to tell you about a problem I have encountered: I have a lot of little stuff flying around in my backpack, and don't have a waterproof packsack for my downjacket. I found out that OookWorks makes an ace cuben fibre pack sack called the CrispPackets (I wonder if crisps are included in it?) which could solve this dilemma. I could fit all my dinky small items in there, so that they're no longer flying loosely around in my pack, or stuff my downjacket in it and be sure that it stays dry. Its mighty light, too - maybe you want to consider a cuben sack instead of your jute bag to carry the present? I'd love to get one, and hope that you will think of me.


- An aspiring UL-Backpacker

So, the time frame will be 6 am till 3 pm (15 o'clock) FINNISH time. That should allow people from Australia till Alaska a halfway decent chance to leave a comment. Leave a comment with what you plan to stuff into the CrispPacket!

Update I

Comments are closed. And the winner is...

Sum Evocatus (who also left a wonderful funny comment =) - Congratulations! Please get in touch via Email, you got till tomorrow 15 o'clock to get in touch otherwise it goes to the second in line! Thanks everyone else, see you tomorrow at 6 AM!

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