Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

The Week in Review

Censorship. I don't like it. I've been outspoken against those who moderate comments on their blogs. And I have been outspoken against SOPA & PIPA in the USA (hopefully off the table, thanks to the massive internet-wide blackout on the 18th of January) and I am completely against ACTA. You should too if you're a savvy web citizen, so head over to Stop ACTA, watch the video below, and sign this Petition to keep the internet free.

Short days and long nights: a brief stint in the Pacific North West.

Dave has a few thoughts on outdoor forums and social networking.

The new Ulster Way in Northern Ireland has a fine website.

First Impressions of the OookStar.

The Canyon in the Great Otway National Park.

A First Year Walking - Traci's account on how she got to like the hills =)

Show Up and Blow Up: The Dixie States.

Archipelago National Park.

Abel Tasman Walkway.

If you see HIF "censored" - click on the small Censored text in the top right corner to disable it or simply reload the page.

Exposed Scrambling: Grading on a Curve.

Some fine night time photography.

More night time photography by Nick: The Icy Skies at Night.

Phil Turner on the BBC.

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin.

Covenanters Admirals and Deer.

Wetherlam & The Old Man Of Coniston.

Wainwright on Maps.

Go back this cool project!

Jill's favourite winter gear.

Some good videos.

Achenbach/ Soledad Canyon Loop.

Tarptent Contrail.

Seeblspitze, 2331 m.

[Fly] Tying Journal & a give-away.

Making a Pot Holder.

Yakutat to Glacier Bay: Lost Coast South.

Soldier Pass and Brin’s Mesa Trails- Sedona, Arizona.

Oregon & Washington biking trip.

Mount Monadnock: Winter Ascent via the Spellman Trail.

GooseFeet Parka.

Micro compass.

Ultralight & ultra-cheap gas stove.

Why UL Gear is more fun.

A twenty year old Jörgen facepalms in the snow, South of Katterjaure.

White-water packrafting, a how-to.

Skiing and Packafting.

Seakayaking in winter.

Fatbiking in Finnish Winter.

Hawaii hiking at night.


Geology in Action.

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