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How to Reproof GORE-TEX & eVent Garments

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Yesterday was the spring equinox, and with much of Europe and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere already enjoying unbelievably warm weather, it is slowly time to retire downjackets and softshells and get the windjackets and hardshells out. But shock-horror, you realize that they aren't as waterproof as they once were. Don't despair, here's the rescue.

Instead of heading to the next shop to buy a new jacket, save the money for a fine backpacking trip and buy some Nikwax for 1/30 of the price of a new jacket. If the garment is really dirty, wash it beforehand (Nikwax Tech Wash or just with water in the machine). Then throw the garments (pre-cleaned or as they were) in the washing machine, add the Nikwax TX Direct Wash In and let the machine do its thing (even if Nikwax recommends you should only use one bag of detergent per garment, you can put multiple garments in the machine). Then hang them up to dry. When ready, sit in front of the window & wait till it rains, get your freshly reproofed gear on and go play outside!

Benefits? Besides saving you a substantial amount of cash, you safe the environment by not throwing something away that is again perfectly fine after a wash. Don't worry, your waterproof-breathable remains breathable, and not only is Nikwax Fluorocarbon & solvent-free, nope, it is also biodegradable. To top things off, no tumble drying is required (handy for those who don't have a tumble drier!). It just renews the water repellency of your garments and revives breathability, and thus prolongs the life of your outdoor gear without that you need to spend a lot of money.

GORE-TEX garments should be washed with Nikwax or similar, while I usually wash my eVent garments without anything. I found the Nikwax Pack of 3 TX Direct Wash In a good product for reproofing hardshells and pants, though do see the charm of the Nikwax TX Direct Spray as it is easier to apply. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to make garments waterproof again for the coming backpacking season of spring, summer and autumn!

Disclaimer: Webtogs sent me a Nikwax Pack of 3 TX Direct Wash In.