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Time to Move

I know you're expecting "The Week In Review" here, though I have an important personal note to share with you.

Saturday sunset II

I'm excited to tell you dear readers that I am moving onwards and leave Finland and Europe behind. I was offered an exciting position in the USA at a start-up in stealth mode, and will be relocating to North Carolina on the East Coast of the USA. Working with start-ups is close to my heart, and I think this one will offer a fantastic solution to a problem which concerns us all. I'm very happy about this opportunity, even if it means leaving the forests, lakes and hills of Finland behind.

Obviously this move will make the name of this blog odd - not being in Finland anymore and writing under the "Hiking in Finland" name doesn't work, hence I renamed the blog appropriately to "Hendrik's Hiking Blog" and will continue to focus on ultra-lightweight hiking, bikepacking, packrafting, climbing trips and gear, just in a new, exciting environment. The US obviously has a lot to offer in terms of wilderness, and I am looking forward to explore its mountains, forests, coasts and lakes.

After ten years living in Finland it is not easy to leave this gorgeous country behind, with all the friends and family I have here. I'm certain I'll return often here to visit friends and family, stock up on Minttu and enjoy a good Sauna with a swim in the lake. I hope you will continue to follow my adventures, even if they are no longer in Finland!