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1st HIF Reader Photo Contest

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Dear Readers,

it is my pleasure to announce the first Hiking in Finland Reader Photo Contest! The theme of the contest is Forest. It is chosen on purpose so broad to allow for your own interpretation of what you understand under forest, and that we get to see many creative and different photos. And why forest? Well, I really like trees and the forest. They’re magic places, home to many animals and plants, besides the different trees, of course. They give you shelter from wind and rain, and transform with each season - from a green jungle to a red & yellow paradise to a bold arrangment of twigs to a blossoming jungle again, it is ever changing.

Sunny swamp

How to participate:

  1. Leave a comment with a link to your photo on Flickr and tag the photo with “HIFContest” so that it’s easy to find
  2. Deadline is the 20th of August, 2012
  3. I will pick the top three photos and award a price to the winner and runner-up

The Price? The winner gets a Berghaus Arete 35 backpack! It’s a lightweight 35 Litre Climbing Rucksack, perfect for a day out climbing, ski-touring, or a UL overnighter.

So that’s it. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

Why Flickr? Because it is easy for me and others to see all entries in one go. You can sign up for free in case you don’t have an account yet.
Will you showcase the winner’s photo? I sure hope so! So please allow others to embed your photo. You keep all rights to your photo, and it will be shown one time on HIF, if you allow it.