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Advent Calendar - Door IX


Dear Santa,

Sunday, that means relaxing with the loved ones, going for a family dayhike, drinking hot chocolate and being together. To be together warm feet and heads are important, thus I’d love you to bring me and my loved ones something to keep our toes and ears warm. But it shouldn’t be boring, and Röjk definitely makes the most exciting socks and beanies at the moment, in swell colour combinations, from recycled materials and manufacture their products in Europe. Their Reverse beanie, Primaloft Skier Midweight socks and Merino Wool Superliner would guarantee us warm feet and heads which makes being outdoors in the cold a lot more enjoyable. I’d be delighted to find a small, warm care package in my stockings!

Happy trails,

An aspiring UL Backpacker

Röjk Swag Röjk Beanie Röjk Skier Socks Röjk Skier Socks Röjk Merino Liner Socks

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And the winner is #81 Sophia A. - Congratulations! I will be in touch via Email shortly!