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Advent Calendar - Door XXI


Dear Santa,

I’m hungry again, though I really have a couple of problems with cooking food on the trail: Normal food is heavy and can spoil more easily, I hate doing the dishes, and eating from the pot or plate the food cools down to quickly in winter. Happily there are people who have had the same problems and have set out to solve them, like Trek’N Eat. They make a host of great dishes, and there’s something for everyone’s taste, be it Vegetarian, Fish or Meat dishes, as well as Desserts & Snacks. There’s also no cleaning dishes as you can eat from the bag, and with an Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch also the last spoon of food is still hot! For a pre-holiday hike this would be a very welcome present, so that I can prepare for the feast ahead.

Buen provecho!
An aspiring UL Backpacker

Trek N Eat & Optimus Heat Pouch Chili Purée Venison Stew (H)EAT Pouch

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Trek’N Eat is owned by Katadyn, which is a Swiss company - Switzerland is thus the right answer! The winner is #27 Bozena C. - Congratulations! I’ll be in touch shortly via Email!