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Trip Report Contest: Round Two & Winner

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Ladies & Gentlemen, lets get ready to rumble!


With so many superb entries to the 1st Trip Report Contest I’ll be running a 2nd one.

Right now!


Thank you, thank you. Please sit down again and let me finish.

Yes, also you there can stop clapping now.

Thanks to the support of Gossamer Gear, you’ll be able to win their sweet Kumo backpack, in your size, sent to you from Gossamer Gear directly. Ryan has a long-term review up on his blog, which will show you what this lightweight backpack is capable of.

Ok now, please let me finish.

Gossamer Gear Kumo © Gossamer Gear

This wouldn’t be a Trip Report Contest if you wouldn’t need to go on a trip. You have till the 26th of May 2013 to head outdoors and then to write a Trip Report on your website/ blog/ or similar digital outlet. But that ain’t all.

As the Kumo is dedicated to the Japanese fans and friends of Gossamer Gear, you need to include an 俳句 in it. If you follow the traditional or modern Japanese haiku format is up to you in this case. It would be cool if you can make your haiku an executive summary of your trip, but for the poetically challenged we’ll also accept haikus which are just related to your trip =) But no haiku, no entry.

To enter, leave a comment with a link to your TR underneath (Please only submit ONE link, to ONE trip report). The TR should be from a 2013 hiking/ climbing/ backpacking/ packrafting/ mountaineering trip, and it can be a day hike, overnighter, weekender, expedition or thru-hike, and needs to be by fair means (so non-motorized). It can be text, video, photographs or a combination thereof.

In the week after the 26th of May there will be a post in which I nominate the three to five trip reports I like best, and then you - the awesome readers! - will have the final vote for the winner.

Wildflowers and mountains

Oh, I almost forgot.

The winner of the first Trip Report Contest is, with 38,8% of the 129 votes given, Dr Jon and his S240 Trip Report. Congratulations! Please Email me so I can get your address and send your price to you!