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SUL in the Swiss Alps

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What would you do if the OutDoor is over but your flight doesn’t leave until the next day?

Alpine Trail

My reasoning was simple: Grab a good friend and a backpack with SUL kit and head up a mountain for a high camp.


It was late as we started. Quarter to eight, the sun was already descending.

SUL x 2 = UL in the mountains

Markus forgot his spoon at the car. I took his backpack and continued up, while he ran up and down. After all, SUL times two is UL. No problem.

Sharp Muh?

A slight detour - our original plan was to head up Säntis via Schafboden, but we adjusted on the fly. Up the Schafberg, camp there, next morning onwards to the Säntis. Ten minutes backtracking, and up that gorgeous mountain.

Dusk, Vol. 2

The sun went down. The views were gorgeous.


We had to go further up, though.

Schafweide Schafe auf der Weide

Past sheep.

A Caldera in the mountains

Traversing snowfields in the beam of my headlamp is something new. No ice tools, either. But up, up you go. Markus heads ahead, looking for out bivy spot. And a fine one he found. A vegan meal followed. Temperatures dropped. 10°C, 8°C, 6°C, 4°C.

Good night

It was a warm, comfy night in the 10°C rated quilt.

July snow

I slept fast and deep, and woke up at dawn. Just a bit longer.

Pronto Café

Then: Breakfast - the superb Pronto coffee - together with more vegan options: Dried dates, apricots, bananas. Tasty. Full of energy.

Bed with a view

The views weren’t bad, either. But business waited for us. Up the Schafberg Summit. A good morning workout.


We were rather happy with our summit choice. The Säntis is ugly, full of buildings and towers.

Crunchy Corn

Our summit, on the other hand, had a fine view. And chocolate.

Traversing snow fields

We went down again.


And further down.


Snow fields on the descent were fun, too. And the benefit of trailrunners with strong grip more than apparent.


Till we arrived again. Down in Wildhaus.

SUL in the mountains. It’s no problem. The contrary, really. It’s easy. Fast & light, views, food, sleep, summits. And most of all, good friends. Danke, Markus.