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Advent Calendar 2013 - the Rules

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The First Rule Is: There Are No Rules.

Ah, sorry. I got a bit carried away there in a Fight Club-esque mood. Obviously there are Rules.

This years calendar will run 25 days (= 25 Doors), and behind each door you will find a fine piece of brand-new gear which should make your next outdoor adventure more fun and easy. Some information on the prizes:

  • All prizes are sent directly from the company providing them.
  • Sometimes it is possible that you can choose size, colour and other variables. Where this is the case, it will be mentioned in the text of the Door.
  • This means garments can be either female or male, backpacks can be different torso sizes, shoes can be in different sizes, and meals can be vegetarian or with meat. Just the packraft, that comes as it is!

So plenty of nice outdoor gear, and to enter a chance to win something you should check in each day here and enter the raffle. There are a couple of rules and tasks, though:

  1. You only can win once. This adds a bit of a gamble to the whole calendar, and makes you take risks with when you post your entry. Of course if you don’t win one day, you still can try your luck the next day!

  2. I am using the Premium Version of Rafflecopter for the Give-Aways. With Rafflecopter you can get multiple entries by following someone on Twitter, Like a page on Facebook, Follow a Pinterest page or susbscribe to a Mailing List. This increases your chances to win, but is not mandatory.

  3. The Rafflecopter Widget is integrated with Random.org and it choses the winner.

  4. Once you won, I contact you via the provided Email address and you have 24 hours to reply. If I don’t hear from you, I imagine you don’t want the item and it goes to the 2nd in line.

  5. Posts go online in the morning around nine-ish, and the raffles close at midnight - Finnish time. Rafflecopter then will show the name of the winner after I pushed that button, this keeps posts to a minimum.

  6. It is open to everyone. As in from Afghanistan to Zambia, prices are send everywhere (unless noted otherwise).

  7. You can’t bribe me or anyone involved to win. You use the item(s) on your own responsibility. Use common sense.

That’s it, really. The Advent Calendar starts today, the 29th of November. Subscribe to the RSS feed, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to stay up-to-date and don’t miss it!

Disclaimer: All gear is sponsored. I am super-busy with work and family commitments, so relax if a post goes up a tad late or I don’t reply an email asap.