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One Stop Shop: Trekking-Lite-Store.com

On our first stop to go shopping for a complete set of lightweight/ ultralight gear we visit the Trekking-Lite-Store.com and see how high (or light =) they will set the bar!

If you need to freshen up what this is all about, read the Introduction!

Henrik Raßmann is now running the Trekking-Lite-Store.com for over four years and makes it easy for European Ultralight enthusiasts to get lightweight gear. He imports gear from many smaller US and international brands which makes it convenient for Europeans to shop - no need to pay import duties and visit the customs to pick up your gear. They stock many great brands, and have a very good selection. However, the Trekking-Lite-Store.com doesn’t sell garments so these are from other shops and for completions sake included and marked with a *. So, here we go:

Item Name Weight Price
Backpack ULA Ohm 864 g 209,00€
Packliner StS Ultra Sil Nano Dry Sack 84 g 32,85€
Rain cover ULA Rain cover 72 g 39,90€
Sleeping bag Cumulus Quilt 350 606 g 203,90€
Mattress Therm-A-Rest NeoAir X-Lite 356 g 165,95€
Shelter Six Moon Designs Heaven Tarp 530 g 229,90€
Mosquito net Six Moon Designs Heaven Net Tent 458 g 169,90€
Bivy TLD Tyvek Bivy 166 g 84,90€
Mattress II TLD Evazote 3mm 130 g 18,50€
Groundsheet TLD PolyGround 44 g 8,90€
Pot MSR Titan Kettle 128 g 59,95€
 Stove Trail Designs Caldera Cone 142 32,90€
Cutlery Esbit Ti Spoon 18 g 10,95€
Knife SOG E-Clip 20 g 19,95€
Lamp Mammut S-Flex 48 g 27,95€
Trekking Poles* Gossamer Gear LT4 238 144,00€
Shoes* Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 GTX 800 g 144,95€
Fleece* Vaude 100 Fleece 243 50,00€
Insulation* OMM Rotor Smock 260 g 159,95€
Rain pants* Montane Minimus Pants 125 g 139,95€
Rain jacket* Montane Minimus Jacket 220 g 184,90€
Boxers* Liod BURAN Boxers 75 g 29,70€
T-Shirt* Icebreaker Everyday SS Crewe 210 g 49,95€
Longsleeve* Icebreaker 260 LS 320 g 70,00€

I left some gear out which were in the original post because they were doubles. You can read the German version and comments here. Sorry for the not perfect table, I am working on making it look better!

My thoughts on the list:

  • I like the choice of backpack, though wonder why a raincover AND three pack sacks were included - either or would have been enough to keep the gear dry
  • Similarly I wonder why a Mosquito net AND a bivy were included - again either would have been fine, especially with the choice of shelter
  • A Groundsheet AND a 3 mm CCF pad I don’t understand either - they both fill pretty much the same function so one would have been enough
  • I like the choices for the sleep system (quilt + NeoAir XLite) and that Henrik picked a tarp as a shelter
  • The stove system is also a solid choice, the Caldera Cone is a classic that works very well
  • Garment choices are good, though for serious rain gear I prefer 3 layers instead of 2.5 layers

Overall a good choice of gear, but with a total weight of 6157 g and a price tag of 2.288,80 € there could be room for improvement! We’ll see next if Globetrotter will be able to achieve that.

Disclaimer: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea and he gave me permission to translate his posts to English and contact a few more shops around the world. If you can read German, you can head over to his blog and read already the first posts with the gear lists from Globetrotter and Bergfreunde.