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Trekking Magazin 02/2015

trekking Magazin 02/2015 is out today - grab a copy to read about my favourite hoodies, how to care for your outdoor jackets and plenty of great trip reports!

trekking Magazin 02/ 2015

I had a lot of fun writing for the second trekking Magazin issue of 2015. It included getting a lot of outdoor garments dirty and then learning about how to make them clean and functional again with the help of a bunch of outdoor detergents. Then I had fun taking photos for my hoody round-up and reviewing six hoodies, which should allow anyone who doesn’t have a hoody yet to find one for his needs! And finally I penned a story about my Polish Tatra trip which you already could read about on these digital pages in the past. As usually that’s not all: My colleagues went out sleeping in Biwakschachteln (bivouac booths) in the Alps, while others went went exploring the Swiss Engadin and hike to an volcano that was erupting. A lot of really inspiring trip reports which certainly will get out in the mood for spring hikes!

trekking Magazin 02/ 2015

There’s still plenty more in there so pick up your copy today on the way home or take out a subscription to not miss any future issue.