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The via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I returned last Friday from a beautiful backpacking trip on the Via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s wild, gorgeous and has lots to offer to backpackers, packrafters, mountaineers and bikepackers alike. A teaser of things to come.

Looking towards Maglić

I’m a tad busy so a detailed write-up has to wait, but enjoy one photo of each day (and then book your flights to Sarajevo to experience your own Balkan adventure)!

Snow Ridge Day 1 gave a taste of the snowy things to come.

In the mist & rain on Prenj Day 2 brought rain, mist and climbing 60° snow slopes without mountaineering gear.

Jezerce Mountain Hut in the background A relaxed lunch was had at the Jezerce Mountain Hut on Day three.

Dubocani village Nestled in the lush, green valley was the Dubocani village we passed on Day four.

Upward to Maglić And on Day five we climbed up to Maglić, the highest summit of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stay tuned for more shortly!