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#Morgentippet: Watch the Sun Rise

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“What’s the best way to start the day?” God Morgon asked me a few weeks ago, so I took my Fatbike and showed them!


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I like an active start to my days, so whenever possible I like to get up before dawn and head out to watch the sun rise outside. In winter this is easier because the sun doesn’t rise until 9 o’clock or later, but of course it is a lot colder outside - like on this morning, where it was -19°C outside when I took my Fatbike to watch the sun rise out on a frozen lake:

As I skip breakfast in the mornings to not wake up the kids I usually just fill up one of my bottles with some tasty juice, as it gives more energy than plain water and does taste better - coffee and a smoothie I enjoy then when I’m back home after a nice morning ride and lots of motivation for my work day!

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