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The Return of TWIR

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You have told me what you want, and I have listened.

Angle Tarn


Like any good movie also The Week In Review makes a return to your screens. Many of you have reached out to me and asked me to start to write the TWIR again, and after much thinking I decided to dust the good old TWIR off again and take it out of retirement. I hope it will get better and that you still will like it as much as previously, and that together we can make this the best resource for finding out about excellent content from the outdoors - be it backpacking, paddling & packrafting or bikepacking and climbing. And no, this is not an April’s Fool Joke.

I’m all about protecting the wild spaces which we need to enjoy our outdoor hobbies. Podcasts are a great way to learn while you cycle or commute to work, or while packing your gear for a outing. Listen to Endangered Spaces: Bears Ears. Also the Mountain Podcast is always worth a listen, so check it out if you haven’t yet!

And related to that is the monumental decision of the Outdoor Retailer leaving Utah for its government’s anti-environmental decisions. Read also this: Outdoor Retailer is leaving Utah over public lands issues.

Sleeping badly? That can be fixed by a few nights out camping!

Have you seen the new packrafts from the Packrafting Store yet? Light and affordable they’re the perfect entry to packrafting.

These Double Down Suits from PHD look like the thing fo your next 8.000 m summit attempt. For us regular backpackers maybe a bit overkill, though =)

Redbull Uncorked rethinks the Park. Cool little video with great scenery - I’d love to go skiing there!

Walmart acquires outdoor retailer Moosejaw (for $51 million).

Anton Kupricka made a movie - watch the Purpose trailer here.

Six things every climber should do before they die.

Pssssst, the Outdoor Food Shop has a new look - go check it out!

Cyclists, Pedestrians and car dirvers - how about we try to be better together? [German]

If you hate that your phone always dies when you’re outdoors, you’re in luck: The 94-year old inventor of the Lithium battery just came up with something better!

Want to learn about ultralight backpacking? Join Carsten “Sauerkraut” Jost on one of his ultralight backpacking courses!

And a new Mountain Climbing Method cuts Summit Times in half - but is it healthy and safe?

Want that new jacket or hiking pants? Head over to Backcountry and take 20% Off one Full-Price item with the code: 20MAR.

Trip Reports

Inspiring & beautiful trip report from Aleš and friends of their #biwipowproject to Piz Palü - the next level of #Microadventures, for sure!

Treasure Island is a wee little video that not just Pirates will enjoy!

The Time Is Now, something worth remembering if you post-pone trips all the time.

Definition of an epic trip: Man bikes 13.000 km from Sweden to Nepal, climbs Everest and cycles back home.

My good friend Henryk tries winter climbing in St. Anton - on a Via Ferrata!

I wrote for the Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine about ski-touring across Europe and how I totally am not a ski-bum.

Ski-touring in the Tatras, still a dream of mine! [Polish]

MAD in Madagascar, a great African climbing video!

Skiing the Bishorn, or how to ski up and down a 4.000m peak.

Three Belgian climbers free 1200-meter route on Central Tower of Torres del Paine in 19 days - but they only brought 15 days of food. I guess that burger back in town has never tasted better!

The difference a day makes.

Can you see our track?

Gear Reviews

Carola is planning for her Arizona Trail thru-hike and ponders about food and long hair. [German]

Willem helps you planning your packrafting trip into wilderness areas, while Luc has a very detailed Data-Driven Trip Planning Workshop which will teach you a thing or two.

Jackie talks about the most important thing on a trip: Craft Beer.

How to choose the best backcountry ski width for you.

Can’t go outdoors this weekend and worried what to do? Here’s a lot of free maps to plan dream trips on.

Alex discusses his electronics on the trail in 2017.

And finally, a look at Wanderlust Bikepacking Bags.

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