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How Does It Taste? - Firepot Dal and Rice With Spinach

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In the first Episode of How Does It Taste? I test a Vegan meal from the new UK Brand Firepot: Dal and Rice with Spinach.

Firepot Dal and Rice with Spinach

Disclaimer: This article has been supported financially and with food by Firepot. This did not influence the article as I maintain full editorial control of the content published on this site. Read the Transparency Disclaimer for more information on affiliate links & blogger transparency.

I like vegetarian food. Sure, I don’t say know to a good piece of cheese or some fresh reindeer meat, but if I can choose I always go vegetarian. Truth be told, I’m pondering since years to make the jump and go plant-based in my nutrition. So when I was talking with Firepot about testing their meals (and I tested them all!) it was an easy choice for me to pick their vegan backpacking meal for my video review. There are simply not many (good) vegan options available if you do not want to make the meals yourself, and as an increasing number of backpackers, climbers, cyclists and runners go without meat & dairy I felt it’s a good idea to test Firepot’s vegan meal. Watch the video to see how I like Dal and Rice with Spinach:

In short: I think it’s a great Vegan meal for outdoor persons. The right mix of spices which let the other ingredients come through, and if you love lentils like I do you won’t be disappointed. Salt is a personal taste and while I find it could do with a bit more of it, I reckon Northern Europeans who generally use less salt in their food will find it just fine. All in all a nice addition to the vegan meal options for plant-powered outdoor persons of all kind. If you’d like to try Dal and Rice with Spinach you can order it directly from Firepot in the UK or from the OutdoorFoodShop in Germany.

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