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How to Repair the Primus Lite+ Piezo Ignition

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The Piezo Ignition of your Primus Lite+ Stove is broken? Do not despair - you can repair it at home with a minimum amount of tools! In this article I show you that you don’t need to be a Wizard to get it fixed!

New Piezo Ignition in place

I like my Primus Lite+. It ain’t the lightest stove I own, but it is very convenient to use. Too bad just that the Piezo Ignition of it broke on a recent camping trip :/ Primus was friendly enough to supply me a new Piezo Ignition and as I had a wee bit of free time I made a short video of me repairing it. Make sure to click on quality and choose 4K to see it in all its glory:

As you see, it’s pretty easy and straight-forward. I don’t own a small screw driver, but I had a small bit which fitted just fine. My pliers are from my modelling hobby, I reckon if you don’t have pliers even a strong pair of scissors would do the job. Then just put everything back together, bend the cable from the Piezo Igniter slightly back down to the stove head and Boom! - your Piezo Ignition is fixed and ready to ignite your stove again. All in all it took maybe five minutes, so an easy task.

Primus Lite+ Stove + the new Piezo ignition

Broken Piezo ignition removed


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