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How Does It Taste? Trek'N Eat Balkan Risotto

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In the third Episode of How Does It Taste? I try the Balkan Risotto from Trek’N Eat.

Trek'N Eat Balkan Risotto II

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Oh, how I love the Balkans and their tasty food! I have very fond memories of Kenan cooking up some excellent meals on our Via Dinarica hikes, so trying the Balkan Risotto from Trek’N Eat should be like a trip down memory lane. This is the first meat meal I’m eating in the How Does It Taste? Series, and I do like me some meaty meals after a long day on the trail or when I was out mountaineering. Watch the video to see how I like this meal:

In short: This is a very good backpacking meal that’s pretty neutral in taste - there’s nothing that dominates and in a time where you can get very salty or very spicy foods it is nice to test a meal that is more neutral and fills your belly with good, natural ingredients. It’s a bit heavy maybe at 190 g and I find the package design a wee bit untidy, but as Trek’N Eat is updating the design for 2018 I imagine this will be a thing of the past. If you’re now curious about the Balkan Risotto you can buy it directly from Trek’N Eat or at the Outdoor Food Shop.

Trek'N Eat Balkan Risotto - Guten Appetit!

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