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One Stop Shop: BackpackingLight.dk

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The One Stop Shop Series continues with a list from the Northern-most Ultralight Shop, Backpackinglight.dk!

One Stop Shop III

Disclosure: This article has been supported financially from BackpackingLight.dk. As you know: I’m keepin’ it real and tell you how it is - I maintain full editorial control of the content published on Hiking in Finland. Read the Transparency Disclaimer for more information on affiliate links & blogger transparency.

Backpackinglight.dk and Backpackinglight.se are owned by ultralight backpacker Kenneth Shaw which you might know from his Ultralight and Comfortable blog. Kenneth bought the Backpackinglight.dk domain and shop from Niels and made the range of the shop quite a bit larger over the last few years, and also nowadays offers the possibility for German and Scandinavian customers to pay via invoice at a later date. Overall I think BPL.se has a great range of brands, including many US cottages, and competitive prices. Lets take a look at the list which Kenneth has sent us:

Item Name Weight Price
Backpack Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider 3400 black 908 g 358,00 €
Sleeping bag Sierra Designs Cloud 800 Long 710 g 286,00 €
Mattress Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xlite Regular 340 g 171,00 €
Shelter Gossamer Gear The One 612 g 420,00 €
Stove Soto Windmaster 67 g 81,00 €
Pot Vargo Bot 700ML 138 g 114,00 €
Cutlery Toaks Ti Long Handle Spoon 19 g 9,00 €
Knife Leatherman Skeletool KBx 37 g 37,00 €
Cup Kupilka 21 80 g 13,00 €
Waterfilter Sawyer Micro 57 g 33,00 €
T-Shirt Aclima LW T-Shirt 150 g 70,00 €
Longsleeve Aclima Hiking LS 226 g 120,00 €
Trekking pants Lundhags Makke MS Pant 435 g 160,00 €
Fleece Patagonia Men’s R1® TechFace Hoody 400 g 150,00 €
Insulation Cumulus Incredilite 340 g 181,00 €
Wind jacket The OMM Sonic Smock 50 g 85,00 €
Rain pants The OMM Halo Pants 80 g 95,00 €
Rain jacket The OMM Halo Smock 95 g 104,00 €
Shoes Altra Lone Peak 4.5 578 g 120,00 €
Lamp Black Diamond Iota 56 g 40,00€
Trekking Poles Locus Gear CP3 298 g 284,00 €
Navigation Samsung S9+ 190 g 600,00 €

Total Weight: 5.866 g
Total Price: 3.531,00 €
Price per g: 0,60 €

BPL.se Pie Chart

My thoughts on the list:

  • The Windrider is also almost ten years later still a great backpack. and my 7 year old XLite is still going strong. The Sierra Designs Cloud 800 35F sleeping bag looks comfy and is pretty light for a sleeping bag, and The One from Gossamer Gear is a classic design which GG has brought back a few years ago, and is very popular. The Big 3 weight together 2.570 g which is really good.

  • The Soto Windmaster seems to work well without a windscreen, even at a high altitude and low temperatures. Together with the Vargo Bot 700 ml it makes for a compact stove & pot setup, and as usual we see a Kupilka cup and a long-handled Ti Spoon. The Sawyer Micro is a well-liked waterfilter, and that Leatherman knife is seriously light!

  • I love to see well-establish Scandinavian brands like Aclima and Lundhags in lists! They make fantastic garments which are long-lasting and environmentally friendly, which always is a plus in my book. It’s also great to see garments from The OMM in this list - 175 g for a rain jacket and pants is amazing, plus they are also pretty affordable!

  • The Black Diamond Iota is used far and wide by alpinists, trailrunners and ultralight backpackers alike, and the Locus Gear Poles are some of the lightest telescope poles on the market. It’s good to see a phone on the list for navigation, this shows how far we have come in the last five years! Nowadays you can rely on your phone for navigation, photography and everything else while in the fjell, a true multi-use item thus.

Keep in mind that these lists are suggestions! If you rather use your iPhone or a map and compass for navigation - that’s just fine! Read Carsten’s take on this list in German at Fastpacking.de.

Chilling at Sunset

Disclosure: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea back in the day. The 2019 Series we have created together and you can read his take on the different lists in German on his blog, and you can read my take over here in English. Furthermore, we have been remunerated for our time by the individual shops.

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