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Impressions From the Hetta-Pallas Trail

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The Hetta-Pallas cross country skiing trail has been for a very long time on my wish list, and amid the current chaos I was able to escape to the farthest North of Finland and ski this breathtakingly beautiful trail. Here are my first impressions.

Looking back in anger

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Sunny start


Melting Snow

I started this trip in Hetta, which took me around 16 hours to travel to. A relaxing and cozy night at the Hetan Majatalo was spent in this calm village, and the next morning my Pulka and me started on the trail south towards Pallas, under beautiful sunshine.

Break from the wind

The End

The 2nd day was one of the most exhausting days outdoors in memory. I was absolutely destroyed after I arrived at Pahakuru Hut. But nature’s lightshow made up for it rather well.

Hannunkuru Sauna

That the outside world also had an effect on this remote location was evident also in the middle of the trail.

Rihmakuru Kota under the Northern Lights

Ski View

Looking towards Hetta, 6

In the end it was a beautiful trip, and I can’t wait to write it down and share it with you. It was exhausting, with a relentless wind which robbed me of much joy on some days, and the lingering worry of “Do I get back home?” as buses and trains were cancelled. In the end I had a lot of luck and thanks to a very kind couple got a ride from the middle of nowhere to Ylläs, where I spent another few days skiing and Fatbiking before I returned home to Vaasa.

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