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Help Your Favourite Content Creators During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Content Creators, Photographers and Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses suffer a lot under the current Corona Virus Pandemic. Here are my tips on how you can help them during these difficult times.

The Start

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose here, except some Affiliate links 😊. As you know: I’m keepin’ it real and tell you how it is - I maintain full editorial control of the content published on Hiking in Finland. Read the Transparency Disclaimer for more information on blogger transparency and affiliate links.

While governments across the globe sign “Rescue Packages” into law, these millions and billions of €£$ do not end up in the hands of the people who most suffer from this loss of income. Nope, it goes to large, multinational firms and you, me and my entrepreneur colleagues, we still sit in front of a hill of invoices which want to be paid - and then there’s the thing with rent for the flat and food.

BUT there are ways you can support your favourite local shops, Youtube channels and outdoor blogs: Use their Affiliate Links when you shop. Because lets realize: Those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to work from home still have an income, and might need to buy some things to make life at home more bearable, or you simply have enough time now to ponder which backpack to purchase for that next trip when we are allowed to go out again! So if there is an online content creator you really enjoy, support her or him! Check their affiliate links from their content, even ask them for them if you don’t find them and then click on them before you order something online. And if they have a Patreon, maybe check it out and see if you can support them with a few €$£ every month.


With local entrepreneurs & shops you could either purchase things from their online shops or call in and order the things you need for take-away. Many Café’s, restaurants and small shops offer this service during this crisis, and it helps them to survive in these times where everything which is not an essential business has to shut down and close their doors. Especially those entrepreneurs which need to pay rent for their shop are having a lot of stress and sorrow, as they could lose their businesses if they are not able to pay the rent. I really hope that there are many rent lords who will not collect rent in these times, and let normal people and businesses not end up on the street.

As for travel businesses like Hostels, Hotels and Tour Operators - and I have many friends who operate such businesses and I can tell you that they are severely affected - you could book a trip or reserve a room for when this Pandemic is set to calm down. If you’re optimistic that could be for the autumn, in September or October, or if you think this Pandemic will last longer, then maybe for next winter or spring. As I was just up North I can tell you that the 7 Fells Hostel, the Hetan Majatalo and the Ylläs Lodge really would appreciate your support during this time, as are my friends from Adventure Partners, Bliss Adventures and Outdoor Passion Finland.

If you were planning to attend a packrafting, backpacking or photography course which got post-poned or cancelled, book a course to a later date - either in the autumn or next spring. Because: Looking forward to your next trip is definitely something which is a positive thing in your life right now! And to be inspired for your next trip, why not take out a subscription of your favourite outdoor magazine?

Outdoor Indoors

And here’s a dozen of shops with Affiliate Links from me which you can use if you need food, clothes, a backpack, camera gear or similar while you’re indoors and planning for the next trip into nature!

We hikers, cyclists, climbers and skiers love us some maps. Awesome Maps look amazing, are inspiring and helping you pick a destination for that next trip, and with the code HIKINGINFINLAND you to get a 10% Discount on your map.

Bergzeit.de is a fine online outdoor shop with a wide variety of gear, from skis to backpacking gear, and has a good Outlet if you’re looking for deals!

Awesome Maps made my Man Cave prettier!

Don’t want to go to the shop to buy stuff? With the ANYCUBIC PHOTON S 3D Printer you can print your own items (linelocs, miniatures and tent stakes come to mind).

You feel like you wanna up your video and photo game on that next hike, before the next Pandemic? DJI is THE Maker of Drones and Gimbals 🎥 like the OSMO Pocket or the OSMO Action Cam, not to mention the amazing Mavic Mini Drone. The latter you can even fly indoors!

If you feel that you have too much stuff and need to get rid of things, then GearTrade.com helps you sell your used gear - extra funds for the next trip!

As you now have a lot of time to edit photos from past trips, why not get Luminar 4 for all your Photo Editing and never pay again subscription fees like with other services?!

If you need trailrunning shoes or hiking pants, then take a look at what Bergfreunde.eu has. A great shop with a large selection and very competitive prices, it’s a good shop if you’re still looking for some kit for the next overnighter or long backpacking trip.

Likewise, in North America you could direct your browser to Backcountry.com which pretty much sells everything for your adventure, near and far 😃


And now lets look at some of my favourite brands and their online offerings!

Black Diamond makes my favourite Windjacket, the Alpine Start Hoody, and they just launched a new line of approach shoes which are really good for hiking in the mountains, too.

Talking of shoes, Luna Sandals makes my favourite sandals, the Luna OSO (Flaco). They even have a special Edition of that shoe available right now, if you like it colourful!

If I’m not wearing Sandals then you will find La Sportiva shoes on my feet. I’m a La Sportiva Ambassador since several years and am really happy to have these fantastic shoes and ski boots on my feet during my adventures, like the La Sportiva Crossover 2.0 GTX.

I’m also a huge Patagonia fan as the brand makes sustainable, durable and high-quality outdoor apparel and gear, while also taking care of the environment and its employees. A brand definitely worth supporting during these times.

If you’re still in need of a ultralight backpack, take a look at what HUCKEPACKS has to offer. The PHOENIX Lite is currently my favourite backpack, and the new BEI Pack is a really cool looking fanny pack! This small cottage definitely needs your support right now, so if you can support them - DO IT!

And finally, as a Houdini Friend you won’t be too surprised that I recommend their apparel, too. Houdini Sportwear is with a few exemptions pretty much all I wear - right now for example my pants, shirt and fleece jacket are from them, and it are garments that I wear day-in, day-out, at home, in the city and outdoors. All Houdini garments this season are 100% recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign certified and I love their simple aesthetic and functional cuts.

At the Baiau Bivouc Hut

And for all other things, from Toilet Paper to Pasta 🍝, visit your local version of Amazon IF you can not find it from a local small shop or supermarket:

  • Amazon.com for all your shopping needs in North America

  • Amazon.co.uk for all your shopping needs in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England

  • Amazon.de for all your shopping needs in Germany

Finally, while our family has a minimal lifestyle - we own a small house, have no car and have low fixed costs - we still have to pay bills amounting to a few thousand Euros each month. So any support you can give to content creators like me - by using the above affiliate links or supporting me via Patreon - helps to pay these bills and makes surviving this difficult time easier. Any and every help is support - even if it is just sharing this Post on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and fans! As always, THANK YOU for reading my musings on the outdoors here at Hiking in Finland! Stay safe, healthy and wash your hands ❤️ 😊