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Need more space for small & important items on your hikes? Get a bum bag! They are ultralight, multi-use and you’ll wonder how you survived without one before!


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I’m a big fan of keeping my gear sorted on my hikes, and a problem I encountered on many trips in the past is that I miss a bag or pouch for essential stuff which I wanna keep close but not really in my pockets or inside my backpack. Enter the fanny pack (or a bum bag in British English). Since seven plus years I use different kinds of shoulder and fanny packs, so the HUCKEPACKS beiPACK is a logical addition to my HUCKEPACKS Fanboy collection. On my hike in Hammastunturi last autumn 🍂 I still used a HUCKEPACKS Hipbelt Pocket to store essentials, but now that I have upgraded to the more spacious beiPACK I think the Hipbelt Pocket will only come out to play as a … Hipbelt pocket =)

beiPACK and Hipbelt Pocket 02

Now while theoretically the beiPACK is double the volume of the Hipbelt Pocket, I have found it fits actually more than double the content (as for how much, watch the Video above!). At 74 g with the strap (or 42 g without it) the beiPACK is not much heavier than a Hipbelt Pocket, but the possibility to load it up with a map, snacks, an SUL hardshell and a Pocket camera makes it a lot more useable for me - especially as a wee summit pack which I can load up with the aforementioned gear at camp and then head out to explore the hills and forests around my ⛺️

Closed beiPACK

beiPACK top view

beiPACK and Hipbelt Pocket 03

The beiPACK also comes with a flat inside pocket, which is where I keep my passport, notebook + pen and other documents, and a large main compartment. It’s waterproof and has a comfortable 25 mm wide strap with durable and easy-to-use buckles, which obviously can be totally removed if you decide to carry it in front of your chest, connected to your pack. You also can strap it around your pack, if you don’t like to carry it around your shoulders (which is my preferred way to carry it).

Happy Hiker!

I especially love the limited edition beiPACK Special series, where a dozen different beiPACKS in various materials and colours are available. It definitely wasn’t easy to pick a colour I have to say, but I am super happy with the darkgreen woven DCF version I picked 😊 So if you have the problem of having small items in your pockets and flying around in your pack, solve the problem by getting a beiPACK!

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beiPACK straps!