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Sunday Walks

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Sunday, fun-day, family hiking day.

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One good thing which came out of the COVID-19 Pandemic is that we now go hiking every Sunday with the family. All four of us look forward to the outing, and some rain in the forecast doesn’t cancel our plans. We have rain clothes, after all - and the kids are even happier as it allows them to jump in every puddle along the trail! Good thing that we life in the sunniest part of Finland and that it hasn’t rained a lot here yet.

Studying the map

The most import things for our family hikes are: Some breads as a snack, a Müsli bar treat which we share, some water or hot juice to drink and proper clothes for the occasion. As it gets warmer now in Vaasa, it’s nice to wear less - maybe a couple more weeks and I can slip on the Luna Sandals!



Last Sunday we went to a close-by nature area, and hiked some two kilometres to a birdwatching tower. While the snow is gone since months (it was another terrible winter here in the south), spring comes late in this part of Finland and only during the past week the trees started to drive out the first buds and leaves. In another week everything will be over, and the trees will be green and summer will start!


An important aspect of our family hikes is to keep them short-ish and interesting. Both kids much prefer forest trails to gravel roads, and around 2 km one-way seems a good distance for us right now - with a break and then another 2 km back to the start. We parents also prefer the forest trails, they feel much nicer because you’re “closer” to nature. On this hike there were also no Mosquitos, and only little noise pollution from the nearby roads.



There were surprisingly many families out on this trail - which is good to see, as it means more people start to value their local nature, and maybe become more engaged in protecting the environment.


In the end it was a relaxed, good little hike. We saw a white-tailed eagle from the bird watching tower (even without my binoculars!) and lots of smaller singing birds, which were merrily chirping in the green woods. Our little family hikes make us all feel better, and especially I really value these little adventures outdoors.


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