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Awesome Maps Made My Man Cave Prettier!

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Lets kick the new week off with something everyone knows and can relate to: Maps. More specifically: Awesome Maps. Awesome Maps for all your outdoor activities, from hiking and climbing to mountain biking and diving! Why? Because looking at a beautiful map in your home is second only to hiking with a map outdoors!

Man Cave + Awesome Maps = Match

Disclosure: The Canvas Map + Frame was provided for free to me by Awesome Maps. In addition there are Affiliate links in this article which are marked with an ∞ Infinity Sign 😊 You can use these AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU but I get a small provision from the company. As you know: I’m keepin’ it real and tell you how it is - I maintain full editorial control of the content published on Hiking in Finland. Read the Transparency Disclaimer for more information on blogger transparency and affiliate links.

Awesome Maps!

I have written about maps before (a loooong time ago here and here). I ❤️ Maps. I love looking at them, planning hikes with them, love reliving past trips with them, just folding them back into the original way, that I don’t love that much (I’m not so good at that). A map you don’t need to fold at all are the maps from ∞ Awesome Maps as you should frame them and hang them from your wall to look at. Like my ∞ Mountain biking World Map, which I put up in my man cave. I started to Downhill MTB in Åre a few years ago and absolutely love the sport, and I found this Awesome Map the prettiest - I love the style, colours and graphics.

Awesome Mountainbiking Maps!

Awesome Maps, North and Central America

Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe

But Awesome Maps not only makes this Map - they make (in Germany!) ∞ a dozen of inspiring outdoor maps. And you don’t need to get them as a Canvas map either (though I highly recommend them!), the paper maps are just as pretty, more affordable and can also be easily hanged from the wall - either with the ∞ handmade Oak hanging frame, some Blue Tac or you get it framed at your local framing business! The paper maps are made from the good stuff, too: 250 gsm art paper which is acid free and silk coated, and you even can write on them with an whiteboard marker! That’s perfect if you wanna put a check ✅ behind e.g. the trails you have hiked already!

DIY Frame for the Canvas Map

So that’s the canvas map Awesome Maps sent me, together with the ∞ DIY Wood Canvas Frame. I wanted the canvas map as it is larger and fits better into my man cave, and I also can hang it easily from the shelves in my man cave, as you hopefully agree 😊 And even if you don’t agree, hanging the canvas map from the shelves means I can hide the things behind it easily!

Assembled the frame myself, which was a nice DIY Project

Assembling the DIY Frame was easy: All I needed was a hammer and a canvas stapler, both tools which I owned already. It was a easy 20 minutes task to assemble the frame and staple the canvas to it, and then it was just a question to bring the large map from the living room to the cellar!

Finished Awesome Map!

There I used two hooks from my IKEA shelf to hang the map, and Voilá! I have an awesome map to look at when I’m painting or packing or planning in my man cave!

Awesome Maps made my Man Cave prettier!


As you can see, I love my Awesome Map. While I can’t go hiking with it, it is hanging at home, ready to inspire me to go outdoors! If you also want to bring some colour to your walls which inspires you to go outdoors then you can buy an ∞ Awesome Map via my Affiliate Link for no extra costs to you - indeed, with the Code HIKINGINFINLAND10 you save 10% on your order! Reach out on Twitter to let me know which map you’d like to get!

North America

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