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Impressions From Northern Norway

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Summer, sunshine, cycling and hiking - as well as many cloudy days and some rain 😆 were what I experienced on my Arctic Island Hopping Trip in Northern Norway these past ten days. Here’s some first photographic impressions from a very memorable trip.

Leaving Skjervøy

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Arnøya Selfie

Arctic Island Hopping is a fantastic way to explore the Lyngen Alps area, with its dozens of smaller and larger islands. In Tromsø you get on the Hurtigbåt and then simply hop on or hop off where you want to go explore. As I am a big fan of the Lyngen Alps it was a great possibility to explore them in the summer ☀️ with the bike and on foot.



Besides many “Must-See” locations like Blåisvannet and Lyngstuva above I also visited some hidden gems. Generally my days consisted of biking to a hiking location, hiking for a few hours, and then biking back to my cabin or tent for the night. As on these islands is very little traffic the cycling is super relaxed and enjoyable, and also on my hikes I did not meet many people.

At the Pier

Arctic Tern


I usually am very spoiled with good weather when on trips, though that wasn’t the case this time around. It was un-usually cold and cloudy, and even if on these photos you see mostly sun and blue sky, I did have a lot more grey days. But even on these the sun did come through at some point, even if it was just at 22:00 o’clock in the evening to say Good Night to me. You can see lots of Insta Stories from the trip on my Instagram profile if you want to see already now what I all did and experienced, or just sit back and wait till the Article and Youtube Videos drop later this August!


Sea Views

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