Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

Julbo Trek Sunglasses

My Julbo Dolgan Sunglasses started to arrive at the end of their life-cycle, so I was looking around for a new pair that’s suitable for hiking, mountaineering and cycling alike. I settled on the Julbo Trek shades with Zebra lenses, and after using them for several months & on five trips it’s time for a review.

Julbo Trek underneath Otiš and Zelena Glava in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Zlagboard Pro Review

At the OutDoor last year I stumbled on the Zlagboard for the first time and immediately thought it’s an awesome way to train at home. The Zlagboard comes with a Smartphone App and training plans for every level, which allows you to track your progress over months. I have been training with the Zlagboard Pro since February and this is my review of it.

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