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Grivel G20 Crampons

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If you climb up an ice fall a pair of crampons are necessary - unless you’re Superman and just fly up (where’s the fun in that?). As I set out to climb ice, a pair of yellow Grivel G20 crampons arrived at La Maison Morkel - they are the lightest crampons available, thus it was an easy choice! A Living Review.

Scarpa Phantom Ultra & Grivel G20

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XTherm

While the UL scene rejoiced when the original NeoAir came on the market, I never have been a big fan of it. It was just too cold for me, even on a warm summer night with a CCF pad underneath it. I quickly got rid of it, and have been using CCF pads and self-inflatable mats pretty much exclusively since then. But then Therm-A-Rest presented us the NeoAir XTherm, with a R-Value of 5,7, and they got my attention for that. Now that I have been using this mat since over a year, it is time to take a good, close look at it.

Inflated top