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DMM Classic Rope Bag

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If you have a rope, you should have a rope bag was what I was told on my lead climbing course earlier this spring. There’s some good reasons for that: It’s easier to transport your rope plus it stays clean & sorted at the crag. I settled for the DMM Classic Rope Bag, which holds a lot more than just a rope, and is very comfortable to carry.

DMM Classic Rope Bag + Petzl Sirocco

The Week in Review LI

“You get to the top of a wall, there’s nothing up there. Lionel Terray, the great French climber called it ‘The conquistadors of the useless.’ Yeah, the end result is absolutely useless, but every time I travel, I learn something new and hopefully I get to be a better person.” – Yvon Chouinard, 180 Degrees South

Cranes going south